Easy ways to remove stains from your furniture

You had a great house party last night with your friends, but the bottle of red wine somehow ended up spilled over your favorite sofa. Your cat simply doesn’t want to cooperate and the fur is all over the bed. Or you have a baby and the diapers failed to protect your coach at some point. Watching movie late at night, eating pizza and a piece of it accidentally slips onto the chair. Any of these or similar situations are a common thing to everyone, but you are faced with stubborn stains and a challenge of removing them from your favorite pieces of furniture. One option is to cover your furniture with plastic covers and wash them from time to time, but this is just not stylish. The other way is to hack various tricks and methods for cleaning furniture and removing even the toughest stains. Here are some useful, easy to conduct and effective ways.

Prompt reaction is half the job done

Whether it’s food, wine, coffee or any other form of dirt and stain, reacting immediately is half the job done. The longer the stain stays at the surface of furniture, the deeper its particles will infiltrate the fabric and react with it, making it significantly harder to remove it. Thus, pay attention and grab the cloth, sponge, vacuum cleaner or whatever suits at the first place right the moment when the accident happens. Try to be neat and precise and to avoid spreading the stain onto wider area than it already covers. Use knife or spoon to remove liquids or scrap the stain from the material, wipe as much as you can with wet sponge or cloth.

Sometimes water is enough

Sometimes the combination of the fabric of the furniture and the chemical spilled over it can be dissolved in warm water and few teaspoons of detergent. If this is too weak to dissolve grease components, use white vinegar with equal amount of warm water. Be careful not to over-wet the fabric and to wash the detergent thoroughly. Also, while treating the stains, try to make as much as possible foam, and the soap bubbles will do a great job. It’s good to remember that stains should be treated from the peripheral parts towards a center to avoid stain rings remaining.

Chemical cleaners and absorbent materials

Specialized shops provide a wide range of chemical solutions designed to remove various tough stains, but you should know your fabric well before applying one of these. There’s a risk of damaging fabric or washing its colors and patterns. If you are not sure about the effect, try applying the solution onto some small area that is not so visible. Rub the fabric, but not too harsh and once you are done with washing, use some white and neutral absorbent material to remove all the chemicals. Avoid colored towels and cloths due to the risk of color transfer. Rinse it with clear warm water before applying absorbing material and vacuum thoroughly after it’s dried.