How to make your old furniture look new with some budget accessories

If you are one of those people that do not like to spend tons of money on a refurbishment of their apartment and the furniture they have inside than you might be interested into some tips and tricks on how you can save tons of money while making your old furniture look like its brand new. We also have some style tips that will make your old furniture look a bit classier so don’t think that if the tips don’t make it look like its flashing new that the furniture will look bad. With some style and some grace, you can update every part of your furniture with some nifty accessories that won’t even cost a lot of money.

wooden tableThe list can be quite long as people keep coming up with new ways on how to create cheap refurbishment methods on old furniture but we will be focusing on some easy tips and tricks for this article.

  1. Use washi tape or any colored tape

Washi tape is an amazing accessory add-on for your old furniture. While most people use it on the tables, and that is totally ok and a legit idea, there are so much more uses where washi tape or any colored tape can be used. For instance, if you have an old wooden cabinet you can liven it up with some old-school styled washi tape. Some furniture will do better with more lively colors while others will better blend in with a black or white style colored tape. Also, dont keep your mind closed to different styles. Some of the best washi tapes have some meaningless words written on them and that’s the point. People might not read them but they will look amazing in your table or wooden speaker. The best part is you can do this for wooden chairs and make them look new again.

  1. Place some unique fabric or paper on the top

While some furniture looked amazing when you bought it, now it’s all roughed up and damaged on the top and you are thinking of getting a new one. Hey, if you want to waste your money we won’t stop you, but we have a better suggestion. How about you place some colored or unique paper or fabric on the top and glue it? This can prove to be a much cheaper replacement then buying some new furniture just because the top is old or damaged. With this, you can basically make your furniture look even better than it was when it came out of the store.

  1. Install some floor protectors

Furniture floor protectors are the new fad when it comes to putting some addon accessories on your old furniture. The old furniture is made to have hard metallic legs and that damages the floor, especially if the floor is wooden. If you want to add some colored protectors you can make it look better, while at the same time providing some protection from future damage.